Learn ways to capture and organize those digital files & images in a way that makes sense to you.

We're going to show you best practices for:

  • Organizing your stock images, custom graphics and social media images so they are easy to find later on.

  • Organizing client folders so you spend seconds looking for a file not hours.

  • Capturing those action items you need to follow up on later.

  • Organizing browser favourites so you can call up saved items right away.

  • And more!

Course curriculum

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    Organizing For The Creative Entrepreneur

    • (Video) Organizing for the Creative Entrepreneur

    • In Closing

How Much?

As my gift to you it is absolutely free!


Automation Service Provider

Samantha Pointer Foxx

Samantha Pointer Foxx, is a Automation Service Provider who helps service-based small business owners strategize and implement automated marketing and sales systems. Samantha has over 21+ years of experience in running and owning a business and her advice, insight, and knowledge of automation and organizing have been showcased locally & nationally in various mediums.